Republic Day…26/01/2018

Tong-len Hostel and school children celebrated the 69th Republic Day. The celebration began with a parade and hoisting the national flag followed by paying respect to the nation by singing the national anthem and national song.

This republic day, the children and the youth of Tong-Len made a special event to cultivate  Kindness throughout the nation for  happiness, peace and prosperity of the country.
They took a pledge to be a kind person throughout the year and seek all the citizens of the country to do the same for the betterment of humanity.
The children and youth distributed a pamphlet with message of Secularism, deep rooted in the constitution of India. Secularism is a part of Secular Ethics and through the message, the children spoke about Kindness.
The central message read as follows:”
Let us begin to practice Kindness from today onwards and be kind to ourselves and every living being. kindness brings happiness to us and others as well. The central point is Kindness,by practicing Kindness we can obtain inner peace and happiness. Through inner peace and happiness, world peace and happiness can one day become a reality”
Happy Republic Day!

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  1. garethowen says:

    So sorry to hear about Charan. You are all doing a wonderful job in taking the actions you have done. Gareth.

  2. garethowen says:

    Thank you all for a wonderful day. It was a joy for Anna and I to see you and to receive such a warm welcome.

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