10th Anniversary of Tong-Len

Under the blue Sky with glorious sunrays gives supported to Tong-Len Children to welcome to all our honorable guests and community members to join the 10th anniversary of Tong-Len on 19th November. The celebration was outstanding, Joyfully and successfully ends. In the celebration Tong-Len children, community members and Tong-Len Staff express their gratitude for all supporter with amazing performance. The Chief guest Professor Samdhong Rinpoche, all the Tong-Len charities representative, a representative from The Dalai Lama Trust,

Local and international supporter join with Tong-Len Children and  slum community members to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tong-Len. During the function Tong-Len honour Award to His Holiness The Dalai Lama for given so much to the world, also honour awards to Professor Ajai Shrivastva and Anna Owen (the mother of Charity) for their social contribution and dedication to Tong-Len.

If we think about our conditions and our childhood life suffer in ten-year back.

Today the achievement of Tong-Len and our lives changes are unbelievable and incredible. While we were in street as begger and rag picker with tattered clothes and torn shoes, filth and slime, unrefined speech and uncouth manner.

People also hurried by covering their noses and place to cast the unwanted and filthy. The rubbish dump was source of some of us life livelihood.   Our three meals are unsure, our only hope is to stay warm and fill stomach for today. Learning and knowledge and high-class living are far fetched our dreams. Aspiration, ambition are terminology beyond reach. Tomorrow was uncertain.

These are our companions in our lives.

Now we have hope and potential to reach our dreams to have better life and strong desire to serve in community in order to reduce inequality and make better society. It is also unbelievable that such as a young girl interviewing to high profile proffersor  and talking about the betterment of world in future through holistic education.

Thank you Tong-Len for making a beautiful and potential life.

By MC Media Director ( Nisha) MC Program development ( Karan )