A Day out

The result of Tong-Len hostel Students is out and they have entered new classes. To start the new session with enthusiasm Tong-Len decided to take their junior students out for zoological and spiritual knowledge. The spot was decided to be Chamunda Mata Mandir and Gopalpur Zoo on 8th April 2017. Students got ready early in the morning and they started their journey to go to Gopalpur Zoo. Students saw wild animals like Tigers, Bears, and Dears along with other wild animals and kinds of birds. They were happy to see animals and play in the play zone which was made within the Zoo. Then they have their lunch. Then they started their journey towards the Chamunda Mata Mandir. There they bow in front of Chamunda Mata ji and worshiped for their welfare. In Chamunda they also did the boating. Children were very happy. They sing and dance to show their happiness. They want to stay there for long but due to lack of time they were asked to go back in the Bus. Students came back to the hostel and they were shining with happiness. It was seemed that, this day out will remain in their memory for long.


The holistic program for Tong-Len Hostel students encourages overall development of an individual in all aspects-Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Physical and Academic. As part of social and emotional development under holistic education, Tong-Len invited Tibetan Center for Conflict Resolution to interact with the senior students, guiding them on individual management of conflicts.

Tibetan Center for Conflict Resolution is a registered and independent NGO with 15 years of experience in conflict resolution training and workshops. Though their activities they have helped connect communities together by encouraging healthy resolution of conflicts.

With their aim of strengthening the culture of dialogue, respect and democratic values Tibetan Center for Conflict Resolution conducted a three day workshop for the students of classes 8th and above from 12 to 14 April, 2017 in which 26 students took part.

In our daily lives, we all have conflicts but we always avoid talking about them. Resolving conflicts and  dealing appropriately with them has become a necessity. Keeping this pressing need in mind, TCCR helped us identify and understand conflicts, how they escalate and how they can be transformed or resolved. The workshop helped us take a fresh look at conflicts among ourselves and in our various relationships, giving us tools to resolve them. The workshop was full of activities and games, aimed at inculcating a problem-solving approach towards difficult situations in life. We hope to take back all the knowledge that we gathered to our practical lives.

We were introduced to approaches we have not read or heard about for resolving conflicts like active listening, stereotyping, effective communication etc. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. We feel empowered and confident to face and take on challenging situations with a spirit to resolve and not escalate them. It was a great inspiration for us to lead enriched peaceful lives….

English Classes

Hindi is our mother Language. But we need very good English to gain knowledge from books/ websites/ and other media, which is almost in English. English is also an international language so it becomes necessity to have a good command over English language. Keeping this in mind Tong-Len initiated special English Classes from 1st April in which our teacher of English is giving knowledge of English Language in a very innovative and constructive way. Students took keen and exited all through the class.

Cooking classes


Good food is very important for healthy life. So we must learn to cook nutritious food. Tong-len also initiated cooking classes on every Sunday in

which tips to cook nutritious food are given. Here in these classes students not learn to cook but they also learn how to prepare healthy and hygienic  food.


Yoga Classes

Yoga can play a vital role in keeping us healthy and calm. It also refreshes whole day and we feel energetic and take our work very seriously. In students life yoga has its own importance. It develops self discipline, concentration and gives other health benefits, which are badly required in student life.

So in the month of April from 1st of April to 30th April, 2017 some volunteers give Yoga classes to the students of Tong-Len hostel. Children wake early in the morning and got ready for classes. They took the classes very seriously. They gain good knowledge of Yoga and promised to continue practice Yoga Daily even after the classes.

Guest Lectures

Tong-Len realizes that its students should have deep knowledge of Secular ethics. To meet this goal Tong-Len organized 4 guest lectures, in which three Professors were invited. All the professors teach different subjects in colleges for years and have experience of delivering knowledge on given topics. In these guests lecture they cover very important topics like: Emotional Awareness, Appreciating Kindness, Ethical Mindfulness and forgiveness of others, contentment and other inner values, Impartiality, Gratitude and Endearment.

Cricket Match

Cricket is India’s national game. People across India are crazy to see cricket matches.Same are the children of Tong-Len Hostel and when they heard about a cricket match of celebrities that was going to be played between stars of Bollywood and MPs of India,

they humbly requested to watch it. The permission was granted and boys from 4th to 10th went to see the match with activity teacher. When celebrities entered the ground, everyone was filled with joy. Children enjoyed a lot.   

Activities by French Group

A group of French people also visited in the mid of April. They came up with a lot of ideas to do activities with students of Tong-Len Hostel. Students were scattered in small groups and space was provided for the activities.

They did activities to tell about first aid, photo/video graphy, paper craft, drawing ,cooking and some play games also.

A Picnic

A picnic of students from 4th to +2 classes was organized on 30th of April. A place near a rivulet was chosen for the picnic.

All the students were very thrilled. They enjoyed a lot on the picnic. They prepared food there and enjoyed it.