April activities

Holistic activities 2016:-

Physical activity

To lead a healthy and good life physical activity plays a vital role. Physical activities include all those activities by which our body get some kind of exercise. To do physical activity we can play a game, run a race, swim, dance, aerobics exercise, cardio exercise. We can get checked by some physician time to time so that we can keep an eye on our health.

From 26th April 2016 to 1st May 2016 physical activity is carried out by the activity teacher. In this activity students are told about the meaning of physical, physical fitness and physical development. Activity teacher discuss about fitness and facts related to fitness. A test is also taken by the teacher to know whether the students fully understand what has been taught to them. A health checkup of the Tong-Len hostel students is also done by the health team. Then on the last day of the activity students play various games as it is important to play for physical fitness.

Quiz competition

When knowledge is given to us in any form we grasp it but by the time we started forgetting about the thing which has been told to us. So it is very important that we should check our knowledge time to time. To do this ‘QUIZ’ plays a very important role. Quiz provide us a chance to check the knowledge as well as tell us about how good we are as compared to others.

Today on 8th May 2016 a quiz competition is organized among the students of Tong-Len hostel. Participants are divided into four teams A,B,C&D. Members of team A are Ajay(9th), Mohan(7th), Rajni(5th), Manju(6th). Team B has members Naresh(+2), Avesh(9th), Sanjna Kumari(6th), Jyoti(6th). Pinki(+2), Rohit S(9th), Mamta(9th) are members of team C and Team D contained the members Vijay(+2), Kiran(8th), Rano(9th), Rohit Kumar(9th). Quiz is based on activities which students do with activity teacher and some questions are of general knowledge. Team D started very slowly but team C started with speed. As quiz came to its ending team D has placed itself at second position but Team C is unchallengeable winner. Then Teams are awarded by Guru Ji. Students are very happy to participate in the quiz others are also happy because their friends are participating. All teams have good number of supporters. They try to boost them by clapping.

14th April 2015 (Rights and Equality)

 It is very important to know about right and equality such as human rights. The constitution of India provides six fundamental rights and on this particular activity (14th April, 2015) children learn about each of the 6 fundamental rights.  Dr. Ambedkar is one of the inspirational person for Indians, and particularly for poor people. Children watch the documentary about Dr. Ambedkar’s life and his great vision for Indian. This life story also encouraged the children for social reforms and this activity falls under the social development area of Tong-len Holistic child Development program.


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