Quiz competition

There was a inter-house quiz competition on 4 August. Each house give names of their participants and the arrangements were done. The competition started with zero score up to two rounds but eventually they started scoring points and Empahty house won the quiz competition with its team of Kiran, Neetu, Manju and Rohit Kumar.


Lord Krishna’s birthday was celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness in the Tong-Len hostel. A ‘Matki Yatra’ was done by girls of Tong-Len in which two small students role plays lord Krishna and Radha another girl role play as Rukmani and other girls role play as ‘Gwalins’. They all went to the nearby village with a matki and collected the offerings given by local people in it. Then they come back to the hostel. Some girls made a beautiful Rangoli and a ‘ Ghula’ for the statue of Krishna. All the students sing bhagans in the evening. Boys also hanged a pot on some height which was filled with curd and coins given by villagers. They broke this pot with joint effort. Everyone in the hostel eagerly enjoyed this.

Independence day

This Independence Day is celebrated in Tong-Len hostel with full enthusiasm like previous years. Students decorated the area near Gandhi ji’s statue with handmade flags of paper and some beautiful drawn charts.

Celebration started at 9:30 in the morning. All the students and teachers were gathered near the stage. Students were dressed up in tri-colours of national flag. National Anthem was sung which was followed by March pass by the students. Then they come near the Gandhi ji’s statue. There students of class 6th to 8th gave some heartwarming and proud speeches which provide valuable knowledge about Independence Day. Some of the students sung melodious patriotic songs.