December Activity

Merry Christmas


Christmas day is celebrated every year on 25th of December. This year tong-Len celebrated Christmas with its students who participated in a cooking competition and play some fun games. A Christmas tree had been decorated. Everyone took photographs in front of it. There is joy and pressure everywhere in the hostel. Small students participated in the fancy dress competition. A DJ party had also been organized. Father Ajay Singh of St. John church had also came to the hostel with its companions. He told students about Jesus Christ and Christmas day. He and his companions also sing some songs for the students. They wish merry Christmas to all the students of Tong-Len. Santa Claus had also come to the hostel for the students with gifts with him. He gave students the gifts and went back by wishing merry Christmas and best of luck to all the students of the Tong-Len Hostel.


                                                                                           New Year celebration

Every year we celebrate the New Year at different places. But this year event was different from all others. This year we celebrate the New Year party in our hostel and this event was unforgettable for us. We had started it with small competition such as singing, modelling, painting and quiz competition between boys and girls. Most of children participated in different activities and some children were selected for the best performance in different activities, which were stand for first, second and third positions as below.



Singing competition                                    Painting competition

1stAvish and Bobby                                                1st Nitu

2ndRenu                                                                 2nd Sanjana

3rdPoonam                                                            3rd Yuvraj and Bobby


Modelling competition                              Girls won the quiz


1st Pinky                                                            Pinky, Mamta, Nisha, Renu,

2ndNisha Devi                                                         Poonam

3rdMamta Balyan


Winners got the beautiful prizes. After that we enjoyed our dinner with momo and delicious soup. Also we had DJ party till 10:30 pm. We all enjoyed the party very much, at the same time we all children wished Happy New Year to our teacher, family and all supporters.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-2015

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