December Activity

Merry Christmas


Christmas day is celebrated every year on 25th of December. This year tong-Len celebrated Christmas with its students who participated in a cooking competition and play some fun games. A Christmas tree had been decorated. Everyone took photographs in front of it. There is joy and pressure everywhere in the hostel. Small students participated in the fancy dress competition. A DJ party had also been organized. Father Ajay Singh of St. John church had also came to the hostel with its companions. He told students about Jesus Christ and Christmas day. He and his companions also sing some songs for the students. They wish merry Christmas to all the students of Tong-Len. Santa Claus had also come to the hostel for the students with gifts with him. He gave students the gifts and went back by wishing merry Christmas and best of luck to all the students of the Tong-Len Hostel.

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