Follow up of our Representation


 As we have done lots of practical works and took positive suggestion by the experts on behalf of our slum community we gave a petition to Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Corporation and also the Governor of Himachal Pradesh. We have been eagerly waiting for their response to our representation or appeal letter for last ten days, but we have not been received any official response for our request . on 25/04/2016 we been to Deputy Commissioner Office and at Municipal Corporation Office to follow up our previous letter and submitting another application in addition to our previous application. We met Deputy Commissioner as well as Joint Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation. We had talk to both of them and we had more serious conversation with MC Joint Officer who were not really caring about the people conditions.


Our new application pointed as below-


On 22nd April in the morning around 10 or 11o’clock two gentle men came to Charan slum community and told to slum community people you must be move from here today, otherwise we are going to send JCB machines to destroy your tents (homes) tomorrow around 9 0’clock. It was very shocked and surprised for us even though we submit representation to them as well as to Municipal Corporation to provide alternative arrangements such as rehabilitation or resettlement in order to survive but they came up without any arrangements. As we find out they had been sent by the Municipal Corporation, immidiately we been to Municipal Corporation Office .The officer told us many things. The main point they mention was that, they are planning to replace this slum community nearby animal care area, which is known as Gaoshala.

we express them that, the land you are planning to drop our slum people is totally unsafe, not good location, during the monsoon time that area gets muddy as the small hill water run one side direction and other side it touches to the river which has more risk than current locality of slum. It is also the area where the crasher work always going on even at the nighttime. In summer time it becomes extremely hot which will create more problem for these people.


We also told them this is that area where the animals kept, which are waiting to die, and some of them also very sick. Basically, most of these animals became useless for their owners and the owners let them to go them in streets or let them to die anywhere. If this happened we feel that, it is unethical as same as that, we are also throwing at that place to die as cattle.

Regarding to our today’s request is that:-


1:- The re-settlement should be proper with basic human facility needs as well as the area also require a potential to have better development in order to have a sustainable future for those underprivileged people.


2:-We are also requesting to the Government of HP and the Center government to rehabilitate this community to end-up these measurable conditions which we have been facing generation by generation.


3:-Some of our families still having big problem to have even two meals a day, such these families are nearby starvation and it is far for them to have three meals a day. We are requesting you to provide emergency help for those families at least to fill their stomach for a day. We are able to reveals you such of the family if you wish to know.