Green house project september 2015

                                GREEN HOUSE PROJECT

                                     As A Big Challenge


Last year we have the green house project, the project was given to class 10th. At the beginning it was very charming and outstanding. The most fascinating thing of the green house was its greenery with green vegetables. We had lot of vegetables from the green house last year. But in the month of May the weather was very hot, unfortunately the pine trees chase fire it selves by collapsing with each other. After few seconds our most attractive and pleasant green house turned into ashes. We all the children were very upset such as we had this bad incidence. Particularly the 10th class children were very sad and took grief for some time, because they worked very hard and it was their heart touch project.

But we didn’t loose our heart and rebuild the green house again. This year the green house project has given to class 8th.

This year they Planted 100 plants of tomatoes, 100 plants of cauliflower, 100 plants of broccoli as well as spinach, coriander and Methi etc.

It is again turn in to green.


Cost analyzing:

After this big awkward challenge we all the children over come from the big challenge of the fire. This year the green house project took 55000 INR for its new establishment.

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