Holistic Development

Holistic Child Development.


 The lifelong process of human development is influenced by many factors from the beginning of our journey to its end.

We start life with our individual natures and we move through life being influenced and shaped by those around us and the happenings we encounter or observe thereafter.

All that we experience and witness on our journey through life helps us understand the world and our place in it.

Tong-Len’s major project, the hostel education program, focuses on the holistic development of the children. The aim is to allow children the opportunity to change the future, in a meaningful way, for themselves, their family, the slum community, the wider community and the generations after them.


Tong-Len supports the aim of the United Nations that every child should have access to primary education. Accessing formal education enables children to acquire knowledge and to develop a thirst for new knowledge, awareness and understanding. Tong-Len believes that children with the ability and desire to study should also be supported through secondary and tertiary education.The hostel program not only fosters academic progress but supports each child’s holistic development.

By nurturing and acknowledging the social, academic, emotional, physical and spiritual elements of a child, the hostel program contributes meaningfully to the child’s growth. It is Tong-Len’s hope that its program will help the children to be positive agents for change, acting with goodness and compassion throughout their lives’ endeavours.





Further Description on the five areas for Holistic Development

Tong-Len works towards the holistic development of the children. For example the program supports children in their capacities to be resilient, able to manage themselves and their relationships with others, make a contribution to the world, understand their rights and responsibilities and act with the purpose to positively impact the lives of others, particularly their families.

In encouraging the holistic wellbeing of each child, Tong-Len is guided by and encourages the children to be guided by the principles of non-violence, respect, truth, integrity, interdependence and compassion.

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