Academic Development


Children are encouraged:

  • to see their potential in the area of study and applying their commitment to formal learning.
  • to realise that the capacity to continue to learn and develop through all life stages is a wonderful opportunity.
  • To understand that study and a passion for learning will lead to a future of possibilities, such as, employment and fulfilling career opportunities.

Tong-Len children and staff realise the importance of committing to study. In the current conditions of the education system it is particularly essential that they spend much time before and after school hours learning and revising their subject areas. Each child’s motivation and capacity to achieve academically will naturally vary and the future for each child will be dependent upon these factors, their individual and their family’s wishes.

However, the Tong-Len program reflects the importance of academic achievement on the holistic development of the child and their capacity to break the cycle of poverty for their family and the wider community.

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