Physical Development


This includes all aspects of the child’s growth and physical wellbeing.

It is important for the children to learn the following health messages;

  • Nutritious food is needed in order to grow and maintain a healthy weight.
  • The wrong foods or too much food may also cause obesity or other food related disease such as diabetes.
  • Regular health and dental checks and maintaining immunization is important to monitor and respond to growth and development issues.
  • Personal hygiene and hygienic food preparation are also important for physical wellbeing and respect for our health
  • Clean and sanitised living environments are essential for good health and prevention of disease.

Tong-Len keeps height and weight charts as indicators for physical growth and development. It is also important that the staff at the hostel are aware of the natural changes in growth and development that occur in puberty and help children to understand these changes and develop a healthy response to these changes.

The Tong-Len program encourages children to participate in activities which develop strength, balance and coordination. For example, individual and team sports, yoga and dance are promoted. Children are also encouraged to notice the effects of being active on their social and emotional wellbeing.

The opportunity to be physically active is also balanced with a recognition that our mind and bodies need rest and relaxation. Children are encouraged to find their own style for relaxing their mind and bodies. This might include more formal aspects of relaxation such as meditation, massage etc.

Tong-Len realises the importance of a healthy mind and body on the holistic development of the child and their capacity to break the cycle of poverty for their family and the wider community.

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