Social Development


Children reflect on their place in the world by becoming aware of their roles as they;

  • Live and interact with the Tong-Len hostel family, their own family and extended family group, their community, the nation and the world.
  • Develop and maintain friendships, and friendship skills, leadership and authority.
  • Identify the impact of their actions on the world around them.
  • As they grow older, learn to live independently and to make personal choies.

The Tong-Len program endeavours to develop the individual but in relation to others.  It teaches the children to identify and understand their place in the world and how they manage their relationships with others and the environment around them.

This needs to include the Tong-Len ‘family’ with whom they live, which can be a challengeand is a big change particularly for newer children coming from family to live in the hostel for the first time.  This can also be a challenge for older children who have to welcome these children to join this ‘family’.

The Tong-Len program realises that the social roles and understanding of the children contribute to their holistic development and in turn their capacity to break the cycle of poverty for their family and the wider community.


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