Spiritual Development

                                                      SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT

Children learn to reflect on the morals and beliefs of those around them and to find their own understanding of the principles of truth, non-violence and compassion.

Children are called upon to see how these values work in action, that is: how we actually live by these values, how they promote our actions and how this develops our world view.

Our cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs and dogmas need to be understood as well as developing a good understanding and respect for the cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs of others.

Tong-len encourages the children to have an understanding of all faiths and cultures in the hope that this prompts the children to respect different perspectives and people.

Tong-Len realises that children will identify unique paths of spiritual development and that this development will contribute to their holistic development and their capacity to break the cycle of poverty for their family and the wider community.

Through all these aspects of development the children will reach their full potential in every way and provide role models for all those who interact with them. They will teach by example and continue to grow and develop throughout their life.

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