June Activities

Holistic activities 2016:-

Spiritual activity

Spiritual knowledge is not complete without the knowledge of religion. One should at least know about five major religion of the world if he want to develop himself spiritually. To do this a spiritual activity is organized from 1st June to 5th June, 2016. Students are arranged in small groups and knowledge about various religions is given to them group by group. World’s five major religions are taken for it and they are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhist and Sikhism. The concept of non-violence is told to the students. Then students are provided with the knowledge that what the world’s major religions said about non-violence. A class of yoga is also conducted to tell the importance of yoga to the students. A visit to spiritual place (Kunal Pathri) is also organized. Students sing spiritual songs with the teachers in the temple.

Emotional activity

A person is driven by his emotions. His personality and social image is known by his emotions only. So emotions are important for us. It is important to understand our emotions as well as others emotions. An understanding about basic emotions is very important. To make students of Tong-Len hostel understand what emotions looks like and how important to understand others emotions an activity is carried out from 7th June to 12th June, 2016.

In this activity are engaged to some games like picking slips on which a face showing some emotion will be printed and student have to recognize the emotion and express it in front of other students. Papers showing different emotions are hanged all around the activity hall and students are told to draw a face showing an emotion of their choice. They also have to write as many situations and incidents they can when they feel like they are in that emotion. A story about ‘Kristin with whom no one wants to play’ was told to the students. Then students are asked to tell different emotions which Kristin has when other classmates ignore her. Then time changes and some classmates started appreciating Kristin. And they also started playing with her. Then students again asked to tell the emotions which Kristin has now. In this way students understand about different emotions and when does they occur.

Recycle Art Work On Environment Day

The concept of interdependent is important for everybody in modern society. The children of the Tong- Len learn and practice this concept through many kind of activities such as caring for environment. Children learn how  environment is important and how much we depend on nature. Through this lesson we have learnt that  saving environment is one of the purity.  The Tong- Len children have done RecycleArt Work. This activity teaches us how we can reuse waste material in order to save environment. At the same time children celebrate the environment day such as planting trees etc.

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  1. 15/12/2015

    […] Environment Day was celebrated on the 5th June by the hostel children through a wide variety of events to illustrate the importance of the environment in our lives and how we should care for the environment.  The children engaged in artwork using recycled materials and also by planting trees.  To read more about what the children did on this day, visit their own blog at http://www.makingconnection.org/june-activities/ […]

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