May activity

Holistic activities – 2016:-

Spiritual activity

When a person want to get rid of his worries, anger, pain and frustrations, he turns his vision towards spirituality. Spiritual person is less worried about his future, he can control his anger, pain and he is less frustrated and have solution to his problems. So spiritual activity is important for a person. A person should know what is God? How he can achieve God by doing good things. What religion say about spirituality.

From 3rd May 2016 to 8th May 2016 spiritual activity is carried out by the activity teacher. In this activity students are told about the meaning of spiritual, religion and spiritual development. Then students are told about the Hindu religion and How Truth, Non-violence, compassion and tolerance are defined in Hindu religion. Students are also provided with the knowledge about another religion i.e Islam religion and what are the definition of Truth, Non-violence, compassion and tolerance. Also the significance of signs of Hindu religion and Islam religion is told to the students.

Emotional Activity

Emotion are very important and they play a very important role in developing a person’s whole personality. A person who is emotionally strong can perform better in the society. We live together and relay on each other only because we are emotionally attached. They occur when we react to some situation. When emotion is not intended enough it is good but when it is intended it can be harmful for us and for the society also. So it is important to develop oneself emotionally also.

An Emotional activity is carried out from 10th to 15th May 2016 by the activity teacher to tell the students about the various emotions and how to control them. The activity consist some presentations in which knowledge about meaning of emotions is given and told about the emotional intelligence. In the second presentation methods of strengthening the emotions are told. A story is told with emotions and students are asked about emotions involved in the situation of the story. Then students draw emotions on the papers and animated them in the computer. Some videos are shown to them showing different emotions and student are asked about emotions involved. The goal to do this activity is to make students understand various emotions and feel these emotions.

Social activity

It is said that ‘Man is a social animal’, because we cannot imagine our life out of the society. So it is important for us to develop our self socially. For this we have to act properly in the society. Social activities provide us a chance to improve socially. A person is called socially developed when he solve the social problem of adjustment properly and behave accurately with other people of the society. To do so social activity is carried out in the Tong-Len Hostel for the students so that they can develop their vision for the society. And help their family to overcome from the fiscal circle of poverty.

From 17th May to 22nd May 2016 social activity is carried out. In the activity student play different roles in given situation and their behavior is noted then appropriate behavior for the situation is told to them. Meaning of social and social development is also told with the help of slideshow. Student play a game named ‘superhero’ in which one student plays the role of the superhero. He has to find one situation card and have to as written on the situation card. A D.J party is also organized. Different duties are given to the different students. Students play their given duties and roles very effectively. A safai abhhiyan is also carried out by the Tong-Len hostel students. Small students from nursery to second class cleaned the hostel campus and 3rd to +2 class students cleaned the surrounding area of hostel and kunal pathri area/.

Physical activity

Physical activity includes all kinds of exercises. But it is equally important to know about correct nutrition for healthy body. Nutrition means right kind of food which is useful for us. Every person require food as per his/her daily workout. So a need of knowledge of nutritional information is always required.

To meet this requirement an activity is carried out in Tong-Len hostel to increase the knowledge of students from 24th May to 29th May 2016. In this activity students are told about nutrition and nutrition facts. Slips of nutrition facts of different food items are shown to the students and students are told about nutritional value of the food item. They are also told about the fact that what kind of food is good for our health and what kind of food is not healthy for us. Students made a food pyramid with the help of a poster and different food item’s images. The pyramid shows what kind of food will be taken more. A game is also played by the students by dividing them into the teams.

Quiz Competition

Quiz is an activity which gives a chance to compare our knowledge with the others. Due to the competition involved in the quiz students tries to perform well in the quiz. To show the knowledge and their learning power a quiz competition is organized in the Tong-Len hostel on 31st May 2016, but before the quiz a lunch is organized in which students from 6th to +2 are involved. Students had their lunch with teachers by 3:00 PM. Then the quiz is started with four teams. This quiz was based on previous month’s activities done by students with the activity teacher and some questions of general knowledge are also asked. All the teams performed well in the quiz. Team D started scoring late but by the end of the quiz it is at the second position. Team C is winner team. Team B is at third position. There is tie for the third position between A and D team.




5th May, 2015 (Story of Buddha)


Non-violence and compassion are two major value of the Tong-Len child Holistic Development. Tong-Len wishes the children and the community grow with these principle. The children of the Tong-Len are very familiar about loving kindness and peace through different activity such as painting panels on hostel returning wall. Mahatma Buddha is the source of compassion and non- violence. So children watch documentary of life of Buddha and discuss about principle and philosophy.

7th May, 2015 (GK Competition)

The quiz competition is once in most of the month. All the questions come from what they have learned about Holistic Development. In this quiz competition questions comes from Social Development and Spiritual Development and normally the competition has been happened in the groups. On this day we had only two groups A and B. Both of the groups were won equally. No winner and no loser on that day.


9th May,2015 (Mothers Day)

Community event is one of the essential events in every society, which gives opportunity to meet all together and creating more socialization. Children of Tong-Len organized many events in each year. One of the most important events is Mothers Day. On 9th May 2015 children celebrated the Mothers Day for all Charan slum mothers. We started the celebration by performing dance for the mothers and we also appreciated and value for Mothers care through speech. Children also invited their mothers to perform on the stage with them. By which empower the mothers to be on the stage and make them realization of the same potential. Hostel children serve food to nearly 300 people most of them were mothers. This event went very well and the staff of the Tong-Len appreciated children for their great organization of the function.

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