November Activities

       THANKS DAY:-

                                           19th November- 2016

With the clear blue sky with glorious sunshine slowly started from top of the Dhauladhar range with the excited feelings, we started the day of 19th November 2016.The dynamic young organisation called Tong Len celebrate its thanks day to express the deepest gratitude for all the supporters.

The thanks day events started by gorgeous little angels of Tong Len at the gate of its centre by the spreading rainfall flowers with red tikka and the white scarf, which shows pure hearts and integrities.

The invited guest and community members slowly gathered and after some time it’s become a crowd. The glorious function gave great joy to all the audience .All the attendance are impressed by performers melody song and graceful dance. The meaning of the speech touch to many people’s heart and some of them cry emotionally. The thanks day event is not just like only a simple celebration as normally people do celebration .In this celebration Tong Len gave awards to the some social worker for acknowledgement and recognition appreciating for their hard work. This year Tong Len award given to Delek hospital, Mr.Dawa Tzesring and Gunjan organization. As the children and community members are beneficiaries them . We value and acknowledge for the social workers. The children of Tong-Len and community members thanks to the Tong -Len and all the social workers.

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