October Activities

Holistic Activities-2016

“Gandhi Jayanti”

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm and joy. people gather and celebrate Gandhi Jayanti by offering prayers and singing Gandhi’s favorite bhagans. School and college students gathered early in the morning and go on “PrabthFari”. On this day people organize “Blood donation camps” and “Safai Abhians” in their regions. On this day they try to remember, owner and remark the works of Gandhi ji which he has done for the nation. On this very day they take the pledge that they will lead a simple life like Gandhi ji and try to follow the path of non-violence, truth and compassion which has been shown by Gandhi ji.

Gandhi jayanti is celebrated on 2nd of October every year to remember the Father on the nation, Mohan Dass Karam Chand Gandhi, who was born on 2nd October, 1869. People called him Bapu with affection. Gandhi ji gave his life for the freedom of India. It due to his non-violent acts and struggles, India got its independence. Mahatma Gandhi was a simple, selfless, quit, religious, non-violent and compassionate person. He was a true socialist. His life is an ideal not only for the Indians but for the whole mankind.

Tong-Len has also celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with its students and teachers. Students with their teachers go on “prabth phari” from hostel to Gandhi Batika. There they remember the works of Gandhi ji by listening a speech prepared by a student of Tong-Len. Then some students share their thoughts about Gandhi ji’s life. They took the pledge of leading a simple and non-violent life like Gandhi ji. They sing national antham in front of Gandhi ji’s statue. Then they return back to the hostel. In the hostel Gandhi’s favorite bhagans were played. A garland of flowers is offered to Gandhi’s statue. Diya is also lighted in front of Gandhi ji’s statue. Works of Gandhi ji are remembered and knowledge about Gandhi ji’s life is shared by the senior student.

Gandhi Jayanti


Gandhi Ji’s message of Satyagraha and Ahimsa captured the imagination of the world. In the modern world ,Gandhi Ji’s beliefs are often quoted by world leaders in the quest for global peace and harmony.

                           In our hostel we celebrated Gandhi Ji’s birthday on 2nd October 2015. This was the 146th birth day anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi. At first a beautiful speech was given by Renu and Mamta about Mahatma Gandhi ji’s life . All the hostel children were very happy on this remarkable day.


Children presented patriotic and  cultural show to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday anniversary .  There was also a quiz competition which was totally based on the life of the Gandhi Ji’s life and his vision. At the end of the ceremony all the children got sweets and juice.


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