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The weekend student discussion and particular learning session has happened in MC meeting rooms. This weekend session can be group meeting, discussion on particular issues, lectures by a guest  speakers, philosophical debate and short trainings on beyond our academic and particular holistic activities in Tong-Len hostel. Each of the session minute has been recorded and the summary of the minutes has been updated on MC website after the session. This meeting or session could be leaded by different children by rotation and chair by Tong-Len staffs. Please have a look the summary of our discussion as below. 

Who is great and how to be great



Today’s guest speaker was also Dr. Savita Sharma, associate professor (retired). Her topic for discussed who is great and how one can become be great. One who helps others and works for the welfare of others is great because by doing good deeds he changes the plight of them. He is kind and compassionate. Further, by narrating the eight siddhis of Lord Hanuman ji, we were told to adopt those qualities in our life for example humility.

She asked to write application. Spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes were corrected. Rules were explained or discussed. We were given the knowledge of prefix and suffix and we did practical exercise. The meeting was very interesting and joyful.



Attitude of co-operation


 Today’s guest speaker was Dr. Savita Sharma, associate Professor (retired). Her topic for discussion was attitude of co-operation. Topic was starts very interestingly by asking one of us to narrate the story of ‘Hare and the Tortoise’. Then it was narrated by her in anew perspective, where both heap each other and reach the destination at one point of time. The importance of co-operation was further highlighted with the help of activity. We were given a toffee each and were asked to eat it but without bending our arms from elbows. Toffee could be eaten easily by putting it into each other’s mouth.

After this we were dictated twenty words in English and were asked to check the spellings of each other. A few rules of converting singular words to plural form were also explained. The session was very interesting.


Self- awareness


 Today’s guest speaker was Dr. Savita Sharma, associate professor (Retired). Her topic for discussion was self-awareness. She started it by citing the dialogue between ‘Mountain and the Squirrel’ where both try to prove their supremacy with the underlined message that every thing or being has some or the other capability and talent which is differently unique from others. It was also emphasised that we know much about others but the least about ourselves.

Then all the students were asked to write their own fine strengths and five weaknesses. Each one of us was asked to come forward and read out, whatever was recorded on the paper. This activity was very useful as me became aware of our own good points as well as of our weaknesses. Lastly, she quoted Sir Edmund Hillary who failed thrice in conquering the Mount Everest, challenged it by saying that as a mountain, it cannot grow, but as a human, he will grow and conquer it in 1953 along with Tenzin Sherpa. Thus by being aware of one’s own potentialities and capability, one can make efforts to improve upon the weaknesses.

Cycle of interdependent


 Interdependent: – This meeting was lead by Mamta Balyan and supervise or guiding by Navita mam and Guru ji. The number of children present in the meeting was 13. She interduce about the interdependent that everything is depending upon each other and it is the key that “I need you and you depend up on me for working together”. She also represents some examples related to interdependent. After that there is open discussion. Students also gave some examples about interdependent or dependent as the main points are given below: –

  1. Shopkeeper wants the customer to sell the things and the customers depend on the shopkeeper.
  2. Procedure creates the food that they need by using the sun’s energy. Consumers can’t make their own food. So, they need producer and also depend upon the procedure.
  3. As environment and human beings are interdependent to each other.


Knowledge and understanding about current affairs

(20th- December-2015)

 Current affair: –

This meeting was leaded by Ranjeeta and supervised and guiding by Navita mam and Guru ji. The numbers of children present in meeting were 14. The team leader introduce us about the current affair that it is a genre of broad cast where the emphasis is an detail analysing and discussion of news stories that have recently occured or going on at the time of broadcast. The major current affair was on climate changes in that days news. We have discussed about political and non- political affairs.



Understanding the value of opportunity


Times of opportunity: – This meeting was lead by Vijay. The total children present in meeting were 14. He introduce about what is opportunity. It can be positive as well as negative. We should thankful for the good and positive opportunity. He told that we are very fortunate that Tong-Len gives us opportunity for fly in the sky it is not given to the other children. We shouldn’t miss or ignore the good time opportunity. He also explains that we shouldn’t abuse opportunity. It comes up with limited of times. Opportunity can come up any time and anywhere. Once positive opportunity came you must be grant it. The meeting took 2 hours and it was quite good discussion and lot of different opinion raise by different people. At the end of meeting also discuss about up coming event (Christmas). Guru ji and Navita mam also participated the meeting as supervisor and guiding or clarify the confusion of opinion.

Learning about diversity culture and religion


Diversities of culture and religion:- this meeting was leaded by Miss Navita Madam. She gives the introduction about the Hinduism religion in the whole world. The team leader shows presentation of 5 minute and after that she tells us about the Holly book of Hinduism ‘The Bhagwat Geeta’.

Realize Once Responsibilities


Sense of responsibility: – The meeting was lead by Guru ji. He explained what is sense of responsibilities and show different kind of responsibility from individual to the organization. He focuses in the social responsibility that lacks in the societies.

Lesson On Ethics


Gareth sir, gave presentation and talk on the ethics. He explained what is ethics and then starts to collect ethical words to individual children what they think. During the meeting each of the ethical word that was giving by children was clarified by Gareth sir. The presentation the ethical word come from children is now printed out and hanged on the wall in order to remind Anna mam also participated.

Creating Teams And Its Responsibilities


Several meeting has organized before the inauguration mainly discuss about annual thanks day program. This meeting was lead by Pinki. How to organizing the function and what kind of event, what we are going to have. During the meeting several team has been created and divided duty or responsibility also participated and assisted to make the question for interview on thanks day.

 Finding The Solution


Open discussion on any issues or problems what we have experience over few months. The meeting was lead by Vishal. During this meeting we discuss what is the cause of problem and what would be the solution of any issue and also giving opportunity to individual children to express their emotions or internal feeling or experiences.

 Understanding About Self Discipline


Discussion on self-discipline: – The meeting was lead by Renu. She introduced what is self-discipline and why it is important to have. The team leader also showed the 5minute presentation, video clips and after that have open discussion about self discipline in order to understanding about it with consequences.

Discovery on Ethics


Introduction of Ethics: – The meeting leaded by Navita madam during the session she introduce what is ethics and what is unethics as well also introducing about different kind of ethics such as Business ethics, Religious ethics and secular ethics.

Sharing Experience on Success


Mr. john and his wife visited to the hostel in several time. John and his wife established business in America 20 years Ago by themselves. They work very hard and now they are one of successful business people in America. They achieve a lot. The Tong- Len children request them to share their experience of success. John and his wife happily accepted and share their experience with us. They also accepted to teach on Management and Leadership program which conference will be on Skype on any of Sunday.

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